What is a Puppy Mill?

A puppy mill is defined as “any large scale commercial breeding facility where puppies are produced solely for profit, and which breeds many dogs and/or many different breeds of dogs”.

A puppy mill dog’s sole purpose is to produce puppies over and over again, typically twice a year. Typically, the female breeding dogs are either pregnant or nursing for most of their exhaustive reproductive years.

Forced to exist in cramped, makeshift cages, dogs relieve themselves where they eat and sleep, a very unnatural setting for dogs. Such unsanitary conditions, combined with lack of nutrition, can quickly result in sickness and/or disease, often left untreated.

Puppies are often weaned from their mothers too young – anywhere from four to eight weeks of age.

 This video is dedicated to the 527 “Freedom Dogs” and their puppies, rescued September 2011 from Paws R Us, Shawville, Québec.

  To date, this is the largest puppy mill seizure in Canadian history.