Following a two year campaign lobbying the City of Ottawa, together with a broad coalition of partners and supporters, PAWS was successful in obtaining a 21 to 3 vote in favour of amending Bylaw 2002-189 with respect to restricting the sale of cats and dogs sold for profit in Ottawa pet stores and retail outlets.

An adoption-only model for Ottawa pet stores will take effect on May 25, 2021, following a five (5) year transition period. In the meantime, consumers can take advantage of the following key points as written into the bylaw:

  •  A 48 hour cooling off period whereby consumers can return a cat or dog for a full refund. This is to protect both consumers and animals in the case of consumers who buy on impulse and then experience buyers remorse.
  • A certificate containing key information about a cat or dog’s history and veterinarian information.

The amendments to the bylaw can be seen here:   Amendments to Bylaw May 25, 2016


PAWS formal submission and recommendation to the City of Ottawa can be seen here:

PAWS FINAL Recommendations Report to City of Ottawa February 16, 2016





Following our meeting with the Community & Protective Services Committee on March 21, 2016, here is what transpired:

Committee did not vote in favour of an outright ban.

They did vote 7-1 in favour of a motion for an outright ban of cats and dogs, with a five (5) year transition period. (two councilors were absent). (Thank you Councillors Leiper, McKenney, Taylor and Brockington) for being so pro-active.

Councillor Chiarelli voted down all proposals.

Rabbits were removed from the proposal. Unfortunately, there was no representative of any rabbit rescue present at the meeting.

This motion will be presented before all 23 councillors in a full council meeting on Wednesday, April 13th. Each one will vote for or against.

We view this as a partial win, but of course, a five (5) year transition phase is too long for animals to continue suffering in mills.

We need ALL SUPPORTERS to continue lobbying their councillors, thanking them for their decision to move on this proposal, but to reconsider the five (5) year transition, in favour of two years. We consider two years an absolute WIN for the animals.


ATTENTION: Ottawa Residents:

Please find enclosed a sample letter – PLEASE DON’T JUST CUT AND PASTE. Take parts of this letter and introduce your own comments and opinions in a professional and convincing argument to your councillor. If you have family members, ask them to send an email too… Every voice is an opportunity.

Full list of councillors and emails also attached.

ATTENTION: Non-Ottawa Residents:

Please send your supporting letter to the mayor at

Copy so that we can see what support we have to argue this.

City of Ottawa Public Meeting


An IMPORTANT day for Animals in Ottawa!

Online Public Consultations are now closed.
Thank you so much for the thousands of comments received.

Plan to join us at the public meeting in the Champlain Room at City Hall as we continue to build on the overwhelming support to ban the sale of pets for profit in pet stores and retail outlets.

This is OUR time to show our councillors that it’s time to sever the retail channels of profiting from the sale of pets sourced from irresponsible breeders.

Register as a speaker and convince our councillors why this is important.

(sign up inside Champlain Room by 9.00am)   (max. five (5) minutes)

Arrive early with banners and signs supporting the ban.  (Make your own or ask to use ours)

(note that ALL local bylaws must be adhered to.  Please be courteous and respect that ALL banners and signage must be out of sight before entering City Hall.)

All support welcome in favor of the 50 + pet stores that do not sell animals for profit.

Directions to Champlain Room:

  • Take elevator beside Cafe to 2nd floor; Turn right.
  • Take door marked “Link to Heritage Building”.
  • At the other end, follow outside wall, through open doorway  marked “Heritage Building”.
  • Champlain Room in on the right-hand side.