Letter-Writing Ideas


1.  There are more pets than there are available homes. Reducing the sources of cats, dogs and rabbits will reduce the number of pets that need homes, and reduce the burden on city resources;

2.  Shelters are forced to euthanize healthy adoptable animals due to lack of space and/or available homes. It is costly to sanitarily euthanize animals and, by reducing the number of pets that end up in our City shelters, the City will save money;

3.  There are no controls on pets sold in pet stores – many come from people who breed for profit and don’t care about the health or the living conditions of the animals. Animals born into mills and backyard breeding operations live in inhumane and appalling conditions;

4.  A bylaw change will sever the link between animal mills and pet stores. Fewer animals will be bred if the market dries up because there is no profit. Pets will still be available through adoption organization and/or reputable breeders;

5.  Question why the source/breeder of animals sold in pet stores is anonymous;

6.  Reputable breeders want to meet the owners of their animals;

7.  All major pet-store chains in Ottawa have an adoption model in place where animals from the OHS and/or other registered rescue groups are showcased. Ask why this approach would not work for all pet stores;

8.  Describe pet stores that you like and trust. How do they treat other small animals in their care? (excluding cats, dogs, rabbits). What kind of information do they provide about where their animals come from?

9.  State that this kind of local legislation is being enacted all over North America. Seven municipalities in Ontario have already adopted this kind of bylaw; (Toronto, Mississauga, Kingston, Vaughan, Waterloo, Oshawa and Oakville). (More are in progress)

10.  Mention the economics of responsible breeding and pet ownership; (ie; mandatory costs, adequate and ongoing health care, food, licensing, spaying/neutering, microchipping, etc.)

Be sure to copy PAWS and Mayor Watson on your correspondence.


Thank you for taking the time to write your letter.

Ottawa is on its way to becoming a more humane and pet-friendly city.