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So you may be wondering what are puppy mills?

Think of dogs kept in tiny cages, given minimal veterinary care, in dangerous and dirty conditions for their entire lives while they produce many puppies.

Those puppies are then sold to the public through pet stores, the internet and newspaper advertising.

If you want to help, print out the Puppy Buying Tips and pass it on to your classmates and family members.



Great news, Kids. A Dog’s Life is now available online. Read all about Molly’s story, and how you can help dogs just like her.


Hey Kids, find out what Rachel Crow has to say about puppy mills.


Do you love animals as much as we do?

Email us your story of a kindness you have shown to an animal, including your full name and address, and we will send you your very own personal Certificate of Kindness.

Original Certificate is 8 1/2 x 11″ in high gloss, and will have your name printed on it.




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