Following our meeting with the Community & Protective Services Committee on March 21, 2016, here is what transpired:

Committee did not vote in favour of an outright ban.

They did vote 7-1 in favour of a motion for an outright ban of cats and dogs, with a five (5) year transition period. (two councilors were absent). (Thank you Councillors Leiper, McKenney, Taylor and Brockington) for being so pro-active.

Councillor Chiarelli voted down all proposals.

Rabbits were removed from the proposal. Unfortunately, there was no representative of any rabbit rescue present at the meeting.

This motion will be presented before all 23 councillors in a full council meeting on Wednesday, April 13th. Each one will vote for or against.

We view this as a partial win, but of course, a five (5) year transition phase is too long for animals to continue suffering in mills.

We need ALL SUPPORTERS to continue lobbying their councillors, thanking them for their decision to move on this proposal, but to reconsider the five (5) year transition, in favour of two years. We consider two years an absolute WIN for the animals.


ATTENTION: Ottawa Residents:

Please find enclosed a sample letter – PLEASE DON’T JUST CUT AND PASTE. Take parts of this letter and introduce your own comments and opinions in a professional and convincing argument to your councillor. If you have family members, ask them to send an email too… Every voice is an opportunity.

Full list of councillors and emails also attached.

ATTENTION: Non-Ottawa Residents:

Please send your supporting letter to the mayor at

Copy so that we can see what support we have to argue this.